The Estate at Florentine Gardens

The Florentine Gardens reached out to us to help with so many things listed below and here’s what we did.

  • Venue: The Estate at Florentine Gardens
  • Location: River Vale, New Jersey

About the Venue

Back in 1989, Thomas Daidone viewed the Florentine Gardens and its surrounding property, he envisioned what was then perhaps its greatest attraction – potential. The potential to become the finest wedding facility in the tristate area.Now, over 27 years later we are proud to say that this vision became a reality. After multiple renovations, long hours, and hard work, The Estate at Florentine Gardens has been a premier one wedding at a time catering facility.The Estate atFlorentine Garden’s proudly stands as a family owned and operated business.

    The Challenge

    Staff and clients were having issues with collaboration

    As a company with a quarter-century of experience serving as the venue for countless events,The Estate at Florentine Gardens wasn’t equipped with a modern solution to the collaboration issues so common to most venues. The Estate at Florentine Gardens event managers had noway of accessing their clients guest lists and floor plans without tracking them down, often leaving them scrambling to prepare for the upcoming event. Clients would also occasionally have mistakes in those guest lists and floor plans, leading to a rush to accommodate challenging situations. The Estate at Florentine Gardens’ event managers and staff would often waste time and effort setting up one floor plan just to later find out the client had changed their mind without the event managers having any way of knowing.

    The Solution

    Here’s how VenueX came in and solved the problems

    With VenueX, The Estate at Florentine Gardens was instantly armed with a solution to their collaboration challenges. The VenueX team combined The Estate at Florentine Gardens’ distinct brand with a suite of event management tools that connect the host and venue like never before. Two of the most effective features for The Estate at Florentine Gardens were the portals for floor plans and guest lists, which both the venue and host can see in realtime. The Estate at Florentine Gardens was also assigned an account manager to get their team up and running, then to provide ongoing support.

    The Impact

    Clients Stay Organized Along Side You

    Through the modern capabilities delivered by VenueX, The Estate at Florentine Gardens suddenly had a tool through which their clients could manage their entire event on the venue’s portals. Clients could upload, manage, and alter their floor plans, guest lists, seating charts, and more directly in the new Florentine Gardens Portal. The venue’s event managers could then access those plans and lists with the click of a button, keeping them informed of any changes in the lead up to any event. With the help of the VenueX account manager,The Estate at Florentine Gardens’ new portal was seamlessly integrated with the team, brand, and operation. As a result, the venue saved time, money, and effort preparing foreach event. The Estate at Florentine Gardens’ clients enjoyed a better experience through the convenience and accuracy delivered by VenueX custom branded features.

    By Integrating Their Brand With VenueX, The Florentine Gardens…


    Delivered more value to current and future clients who could suddenly manage their entire event through the venue’s portals


    Achieved new levels of efficiency by collaborating with clients through the portal in real time.


    Attracted more clients by delivering a hassle-free and flawless experience for their clients, who went on to recommend the venue to friends and family.

    Ready To Get Started?

    Frequently Asked Questions


    How does the onboarding process work?

    Our white glove onboarding process is completely done by our team. We first request a few branding assets and then begin setting up your portals and migrating your data from other platforms. From start to finish our process is handled by us in time to launch to your venue a few days after signing up.

    Will I have access to an account manager or just general support?

    Absolutely! You will have a single account manager dedicated to your venue so you have a direct line for any support questions.

    How do my clients get access to their portal?

    Your clients are granted access once you add an event to the calendar or a lead is converted to the "Booked" status in the CRM. Once added, clients will automatically receive a welcome email with their login credentials.

    Can VenueX support multiple venues?

    We definitely can. We work with single venues (small, medium or large) and large hospitality groups. We can support any venue structure.

    Can the portals be linked to our venue's domain?

    Yes! We'll work with your webmaster to put link  the portals at www.[yourwebsite].com/portal (or anywhere you want).