Technology For Venues During the COVID-19 Crisis. Contact Tracing & Beyond.

Learn how your venue can leverage technology and be best prepared for reopening.

This guide is intended to help event venues understand and address the most predictable challenges facing the industry today, and what we can expect in the future. Of course, timing is unpredictable, and as things continue to change, so will the accuracy and relevancy of this guide.

Learn More About the Future of the Events Industry!

What You'll Learn

Expected Contact Tracing Measures

Venues will need to have contact tracing measures in place when restrictions are lifted. Requirements are still unknown but technology solutions will make it easier to gather the information needed to help stop a future outbreak from happening.

Branded Technology & Social Content

Learn how venues will utilize technology to consolidate the backlog of planning and coordination waiting for them once the restrictions are lifted. Social media content also falls into this mix, it is critical to engage across all channels during this time.

Guest Technology & Remote Engagement

Fewer guests will be willing to travel for events or may be restricted because of medical conditions. Sharing photos and signing a digital guestbook through venue apps will be essential as we navigate the new normal of remote guest engagement. 

Capacity Limitations & Travel Restrictions

Venues can expect their initial events to be smaller than usual due to capacity limitations, travel restrictions and lingering fears of infection. Venues are addressing these changes by providing a more tech-enabled experience to their clients.

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