Webinar: Demystifying Contact Tracing, Featuring VenueX

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This guide is intended to help event venues understand and address the most predictable challenges facing the industry today, and what we can expect in the future. Of course, timing is unpredictable, and as things continue to change, so will the accuracy and relevancy of this guide.


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We help venues, like yours, modernize their brand, improve margins and capture lost opportunities with their very own, branded web & mobile apps. With the powerful, VenueX platform, you can meet and exceed expectations of the modern consumer, while creating and capturing new revenue opportunities through the power of technology. As your technology partner, we can help leapfrog your business to the 21st century.


Offer modern web & mobile apps that will help your clients take the stress out of planning. All with the look and feel of the venue they trusted with their special day, yours. Guests can also access your mobile app for a day of experience, providing you with a new revenue generating opportunity.


Increase sales by showing today’s tech-reliant customers that you are a modern venue. A VenueX account manager will give your team the training and tools to help your clients understand the value of your new technology. There’s no up front cost or risk. We handle it all for you.


Increase margins and save time by helping your clients and staff improve the workflow for each event. Reduce the friction of getting seating charts on time, help with contact tracing and more without disrupting key business processes. We can help leapfrog your business to the 21st century.

Let’s Recap the Webinar

Expected Contact Tracing Measures

Venues may need to have contact tracing measures in place when restrictions are lifted. Requirements are still unknown but technology solutions will make it easier for you and your hosts to gather the information needed to help stop a future outbreak from happening. You can be part of the solution!

The Importance of Adopting New Tech

Providing clients, guests and staff with a safe environment can be accomplished through technology. Learn how venues are preparing to reopen by providing their clients, guests and staff with the level of comfort needed to operate normally once again.

Accessible Event Staff & Guest Data

Visitor and staff data is essential for contact tracing to be performed at venues. It should be easily shared if requested by governing bodies and authorities to assist in the contact tracing activities. Learn how your venue, and your hosts can have access to this data digitally anytime to speed up the process. 

Opportunities to Monetize & Capture Lost Revenue

How much revenue are you losing by not following up with guests who attend events at your venue? Learn how to elegantly follow up with guests to gain access to future clients. Also, learn how you can provide your vendor partners with new visibility that can lead to more leads for them.

Featured Speakers

The Best of the Best Joined Us

We brought in the industry’s brightest minds to join us on the conversation of contact tracing. To learn more about VenueX and how we can help, let us know how to get in touch. We look forward to working with you!

Brian D. Lawrence

Business Consultant | Coach & Speaker | Web Design, SEO & Marketing Expert

Alan Berg, CSP

Global Speaking Fellow | Author | Business Consultant | Professional Speaker | Sales Trainer

Abed Elsamna

Co-Founder, VenueX 

Hassan Mahmoud

Co-Founder, VenueX

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