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Unleash your venue's potential by bringing each step of the event lifecycle into one platform that seamlessly integrates with your operations. Manage pre-booking, post-booking and final event details from a singular platform that helps you do what you do best - execute events flawlessly.

Connect Venue Staff & Clients

Both your staff and clients are responsible for key items to create great events, but what brings the two together? Their own independent portals. Staff and client portals are linked, so sharing data is easyGather event data through questionnaires, share documents, accept payments, share vendors and more in the client

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To operate efficiently, drive revenue and provide incredible customer experiences,

Elevate Your Brand With Tech


VenueX is branded to your venue and customized to fit seamlessly into your internal (staff) and external (clients) operations, elevating your brand to an entirely new level. Tech-enabling your venue drives your brand forward, helps book more business and shows the world how unique and advanced you truly are.

Modern Customer Experience


VenueX is flexible and customized to fit the needs of all venues regardless of size or how it operates. From day one, VenueX will fit seamlessly into your operations, saving you hours managing events from booking through the event execution by automating workflow tasks and centralizing key event details in one place.

Unrivaled support dedicated to your team from day one.


Frictionless onboarding and unparralleled support from day one to seamlessly integrate your venue with VenueX without disrupting your current operations. We’re there with you every step of the way as you transform your business.


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 “Game changing. Revolutionary. Disruptive. Modern Hospitality.”


Thomas Daidone

Proprietor, The Estate at Florentine Gardens

Since we’ve started using VenueX, we continue to be amazed by the seamless, but significant impact it has had on our business. Our event staff is saving hours of time managing each event and collaborating with clients is so much easier now. The automation features are also a plus – one thing we especially love is the questionnaire where clients input key event data which then gets printed on the documents we use to run events. Floor plans are easier now, and they are always releasing new features to make our lives easier. It took just a few days to set up and we love it!

Susan Sunshine

Sales & Social Media Manager, The Rockleigh

Working with the VenueX team has been an extraordinary experience. Their platform which enables our clients to have a wealth of information at their fingertips greatly enhances the process of communication between client and venue. The ability to upload contracts, menus, floor plans, insurance certificates, etc. is an excellent way to organize and transfer information. It is a unique format which has an incredible amount of potential and certainly elevates our company image. And, their team exemplify the highest quality of customer service, always responding with immediacy.

Ronnie Kingsley

Owner, Milton Ridge & Crown Rose

This new software offers a lot to couples. Here are the big winners: 1. Manage your event guests. 2. Lay out your room and allocate tables to guests 3. Share documents between the venue and the clients 4. Share vendor info with the venue 5. You get an APP! That app is used by the event guests to share photos. It is awesome! At the end of a wedding night the couple can have 100’s of images from their day instantly! I have switched from other platforms as VenueX is easier to use. Customers love it and it has more features.

Set industry standards. Don’t just meet them.


We’ve already built the platform you need. Events calendar, payment status tracking, event automation, documents, floor plans, questionnaires, guest lists—these fully functional features deliver a flawless experience for you and your clients. Best of all, we customize it all to you, so it’s your portal.

Book a time with us on the calendar to learn how you can being your entire operations – internal and external- into one solution. We can’t wait to transform your business.

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