Our Technology.

VenueX is a technology partner that gives venues a new way to exceed client expectations, stand out from the competition, all while improving their business operations.


Our Technology.

VenueX is a technology partner that gives venues a new way to exceed client expectations, stand out from the competition, all while improving their business operations.

How We Work Together


Offer modern web & mobile apps that help your clients take the stress out of planning and organizing. All with the look and feel of the venue they trusted with their special day, yours.


Increase sales by showing today’s tech-reliant customers that you are a modern venue. A VenueX account manager will give your team the training and tools to help your clients understand the value of your new technology.


Increase margins and save time by helping your clients and staff improve the workflow for each event. Get seating charts on time, reduce the cost per event, track deposits and more without disrupting key business processes.

Since we’ve started using VenueX, we continue to be amazed at the seamless, but significant impact it has had on our business. Engaged couples are sending us their seating charts on time and the maitre d’ always has an accurate master guest list to help lost guests find their table. It took just a few days to set up, but now I can’t imagine doing business without it!

Thomas Daidone

Proprietor, The Estate At Florentine Gardens

No upfront cost.

No subscription. No risk.

  • Our free, fast and easy on-boarding process lets you offer branded web & mobile apps without any of the work or expenses. No programming experience needed, VenueX is your app development team.
  • Pay as you go. You’re charged just for the events and clients that you add to the platform.

Revolutionize your brand with technology.

  • Evolve your brand and stand out from the competition by providing a tech-enabled hospitality experience that exceeds expectations.
  • Leave a lasting impression on guests by giving them the opportunity to sign a digital guest book and upload photos & videos from the event through your mobile app.

Our clients just love the new Rockleigh App. It makes it so easy for them to keep track of their guest list and organize their floor plan. And we love the convenience of having their floor plan and guest list available to us with just a click. What sold us on the app was Abed. His immediate response to all our needs and outstanding customer service makes working with him and his team an absolute pleasure!

Susan Sunshine

Sales and Social Media Manager, The Rockleigh

Modern Hospitality

  • Extend your customer service with technology. Give your clients the tools to track their budget, manage their guests from invitation to the thank you card and more.
  • Take the pain out of assigning tables for your hosts by providing them your seating chart as a convenient click and drag app.
  • Help your clients view and save their guests’ photos and videos with a private, shared album and digital guest book for every event.

VenueX has to be the best I have seen; we have been using them for over a month now for our banquet business in East Hanover, New Jersey and it is fantastic! With the Ravello Banquets App, my couples are planning their special day with our tools, making it easier for them to track everything in one place and interact with us during the process. Create floor plans and many other details for their big day. I highly recommend VenueX as a complement to any business in this space.

Felipe Osorio

General Manager, Ravello Banquets

Operational Efficiency

  • Track deposits and remind customers of payments in-app, without changing the way you get paid.
  • Reduce any friction you face obtaining seating charts from your clients. Track their progress, update layouts and download the final version for your staff on the day of the event.
  • Lower your costs with more accurate guest counts and fewer tables per event.

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