Turn the entire venue-host-guest experience into a flawless one-app affair.

Explore how VenueX helps your venue, hosts and guests have truly modern events.

Benefits for Venue Operators & Staff

Optimal Venue-Host Collaboration

You will be able to collaborate with hosts, vendors, and more like never before. Stop trading emails, playing phone tag, and chasing down information. From payment dates to floor plans (and everything in between), you’ll see what they see. Total transparency. Total Clarity. Better business.


Everything You Need In One Place

You can throw out the other third-party vendors you currently use and filing cabinets full of scrap notes. Gain clarity, peace of mind, and maximum efficiency with everything you need safely and securely stored on the VenueX app. It’s that easy to get back to operating efficiently. We’ll show you how we can help.

Turnkey Features Customized to You

We’ve already built the platform you need. Events calendar, payments tracking, event documents, floor plans, staff management, guest lists—these fully functional features deliver a flawless experience for you, your clients, and their guests. Best of all, we customize it all to you, so it’s your app.

Dedicated Account Management

We’ll be with you every step of the way. Your assigned account manager won’t just do all the heavy lifting to get you up and running; he or she will also offer constant support to make you familiar with every platform feature, achieve total efficiency, and maximize your revenue potential.

Turns Guests Into Clients

After a you have hosted a successful event, you can send a one-time email to guests. These individuals have just attended a flawless event at your beautiful venue, so why not book their next event with you? With a single email, VenueX turns thousands of guests into thousands of potential clients.

Enhanced Vendor Relationships

The app allows you to feature preferred vendors for every client, including contact info, booking and more. This drives more traffic to each vendor, helping you get the most from each event. You’ll also know which vendors to expect, when they’ll arrive, and every other piece of information needed.

Explore Other Benefits to Help Your Venue

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Benefits for Guests

Shared Gallery For Every at an Event

After downloading the app, guests start creating and sharing memories in real time. In the event’s private gallery, guests can take, upload, share, and even download photos in one convenient place.

Leaving Lasting Memories

Guests don’t have to miss out on the fun to go wait in line and sign the guestbook. With VenueX, guests download your app and leave a thoughtful note alongside a picture in the Digital Guestbook.

Start Planning an Event of Their Own

After the event, you’ll be able to send an email to guests with an invitation to host their own event at your venue. If they’ve been looking for a venue, now they have everything they need for a beautiful occasion!

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Benefits for Event Hosts

One Client Portal For Their Event

Hosts will no longer require all sorts of apps, folders, and third-party assets. They’ll be able to track everything about their event in the client portal of your VenueX web and mobile app. From guest lists to seating charts to budget planners and more, your clients will have everything they need to host a flawless event.

Total Control Over the Guest List

Clients can sort their guests into groups for easy tracking, track RSVPs at a glance, and even import or export the guest list to simplify the invitation process. Hosts can also send an email to their guests, inviting them to download the app to share, and download photos in the event’s private gallery. After the event, clients can track who they’ve sent thank you notes too

Effortless Vendor Selection & Tracking

Without VenueX, hosts might have to spend weeks locking in vendors and waste time following up before the event. With VenueX, clients can easily see, contact, and book preferred vendors that are familiar with your venue. The client portal also includes a Vendor List, allowing hosts to track their vendor details and more.

Unmatched Seating Chart Collaboration

Hosts can now handle the seating chart right from the app. Armed with a guest list, clients can click and drag individuals to tables and view the layout on a single page. They’ll be able to see seating in conjunction with RSVP status, helping hosts avoid empty seats. The host can then share the seating chart with the venue at the click of a button!

Private Event Gallery for Real-Time Memories

Hosts used to struggle with hashtags, gallery folders, following up with guests, and missing out on would-be memories. With VenueX, clients can give guests access to a private gallery using your venue’s app to share memorable photos at their event. That’s how we make the memories—and satisfaction—immediate.


Peace of Mind With the Event Checklist

Hosting an event can be complex and draining. With VenueX, clients (and venue owners) will have peace of mind from start to finish thanks to the Event Checklist. There, hosts can track their to-dos, view required items from your venue, due dates and much more. Plus, they’ll see recommended items to ensure nothing is overlooked.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How does the onboarding process work?

Our white glove onboarding process is completely done by our team. We first request a few branding assets and then begin setting up your portals and migrating your data from other platforms. From start to finish our process is handled by us in time to launch to your venue a few days after signing up.

Will I have access to an account manager or just general support?

Absolutely! You will have a single account manager dedicated to your venue so you have a direct line for any support questions.

How do my clients get access to their portal?

Your clients are granted access once you add an event to the calendar or a lead is converted to the "Booked" status in the CRM. Once added, clients will automatically receive a welcome email with their login credentials.

Can VenueX support multiple venues?

We definitely can. We work with single venues (small, medium or large) and large hospitality groups. We can support any venue structure.

Can the portals be linked to our venue's domain?

Yes! We'll work with your webmaster to put link  the portals at www.[yourwebsite].com/portal (or anywhere you want).

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